BADY-LITE/GS is built with a solid slab of hot dipped galvanized steel.

The buoy body in BADY-LITE1000/GS and  BADY-LITE3000/GS models have 1 or 3 cubic meter of buoyancy.

In the BADY-LITE/GS-L model, the marine lantern, IALA standards, is positioned on a support located above the S.Andrew cross reflector (radar reflector) 3 meters above sea level.

The lantern, as per IALA standards, is positioned on a support located above the radar reflector and about 3 meters above sea level.

In the connecting point between the upright part that supports the radar reflector and the lantern, with the body of the buoy, were built appropriate reinforcements to withstand the dynamic stress caused by the wave.

Even in the link between body and molten buoy ballast are placed appropriate reinforcement ribs.

All the buoys are supplied complete with epoxy paint in YELLOW or BLACK colour according the International Rules. The base of the buoy body is protected by an anti-fouling coating.

BADY-LITE1000/GSL and  BADY-LITE3000/GSL are provided with  modern lanterns systems completed by solar integrated panels. and may have a a visibility range from 0.5 miles to 7 miles.

The colors are the same required under IALA rues: white, yellow, red and green.

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Each buoy supplied is completed by the required mooring equipment according the installation site.
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