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In Fish farming, due to ever stricter environmental regulations and the desire for cost reduction, there is a distinct trend towards using bigger, offshore cages. Furthermore, provided living conditions can be kept good, more fish per cage will be farmed. The consequences of these trends are:

   1. Production in rougher conditions;

   2. Higher risk due to the increased value of fish

   3. Fewer possibilities for inspection and maintenance;

In view of these trends, high reliability of the net cages is a prerequisite.
The reliability of the net cages, i.e. the capability  to retain fish avoiding therefore the risk of escape, depends on the following factors:

1.       Netting breaking strength;

2.       Loss of strength due to wear and tear of net for use;

3.       High quality of  assembled products;

The above elements can be hugely affected by raw materials used for nets manufacture as well as the method adopted for construction.
Fully aware of all these aspects, Badinotti, as one of the major net suppliers, uses the most modern machinery offering a wide range of  knotless netting in nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene for aquaculture application.
Our Net Lofts  in Slovakia, Chile, Peru and Canada can boast a large production capacity, offering therefore excellent delivery times.
The whole Badinotti nets production as well as manufacture and assembling of cages for aquaculture are subjected to rigorous quality tests, whose validity and procedures applied are grant by the recent ISO 9001 and Norwegian Standard NS9415 certification.
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