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Design and manufacture of customized products involve special skills coming out from several years of
experience in the typical field of work.
BAMEQ Srl has a technical Department with naval engineers and special SW tools that allow to evaluate
the specific customers inquiries and propose the best solutions after a feasibility study.The design
phase, which involves hydrodynamic and structural calculations, foresees the boat-hull shape definition
through the boat-framework final drawings carry-out.
As our manufacture procedures are similar to the ones related to the ancient wood-made boats, we
start the production through a first step which is the cut of HDPE sheets, based on the above
mentioned drawings. It proceeds with the cut HDPE components assembly and their welding with a
special blowing-heating machine, in order to obtain a solid boat framework. This one is then welded
together with the HDPE pipes which are previously filled in with an expanding foam.

Many and different check-outs are performed for verifying impact resistance and waterproof of   the
assembled structure. As already told, we don’t need any mould for the boat manufactured and, for
this reason, we can offer the opportunity for changing and modifying the product structure even
during its construction.