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BAMEQ Srl wants mainly to act in Marine-coast monitoring, Rescue, Diving, Acquaculture and Fishery fields.

BAMEQ Srl aims then to represent a reference company in the mentioned market as manufacturer of marine professional equipment, taking care each working phase in order to reach high quality products, just starting from its design, its material selection and procurement, its manufacturing processes, and last but not least, up to its after-sale assitance.

Despite to the wide range of the offer about leasure products in the marine italian field, due to its well known style and design, to its geographic position and to the consequent natural tourism calling, there are only few specialized companies that are able to supply small craft work boats for professional applications. Furthermore, the heavyduty proposes are often carried out simply from previous leasure products that are then adjusted for the specific duty; it means that it doesn’t fully satisfy the customer requirements.

BAMEQ Srl relevant skill mainly concerns HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) customized marine products and their specific manufacturing processes based on manual procedures which don’t require any mould, allowing then to modify a single piece too even while its construction. Bameq Srl has then both a standard production and the possibility to supply customized means.

Our products are: boats, modular pontoons, lighting buoys, mooring buoys, monitoring buoys, fishfarming cages .