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The work and diving boats produced by BAMEQ are built using the best technology that allows to meet the specific requirements of each user.
In comparison with the conventional RIB boats the BAMEQ's RBB boat has rigid HDPE pipes filled with expanded polystyrene and combined with a strong and reliable hull with V-shape at 21 degrees. They are virtually unsinkable with excellent stability and seaworthiness.
These boats can land almost anywhere, without serious damage. The BMQ boats has a self draining deck, and features a soft, non-slip rubber, which compared to other boats is more practical for any purposes. The materials used for the hull construction  are completely recyclable and their physical and chemical properties avoid any anti-fouling treatment.
The main features are the following:

excellent sea-keeping
no maintenance
The models available are:
BMQ 450 BMQ 530 BMQ 730 BMQ 830 dive-pro 530 dive-pro 730 dive-pro 930
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