The working principle of this technique of breeding is quite simple:
a cage  with a rigid structure, more or less flexible (by steel, plastic, rubber or other) it is supported on the surface by  special floats in case of a “floating” cage or in case of a submersible or submerged cage, sinked in midwater or moored on the seabed.

All this supports a few meters deep netting containing farmed fish.

Cages, either floating or,submersible or submerged, are certainly an efficient alternative to other types of farming such as cement or earth made tanks.

These facilities do not need pumping, heating or  water filtering; fishes can live in their habitat, while remaining in a bounded area.

You can have higher production per cubic meter, thanks to the unlimited water bringing.

Advantages of the farming in cages:
Cages for fish farming can be moved or transported in other sites, granting a certain environmental sustainability.

You can have a greater depth for the farming.

Animals can in such a way avoid the surface water which might be colder in particular in winter time or, due to the higher summer insolation, can be excessively hot.

Chemical-physical water conditions practically constant and foreseeable throughout the year.

Very low mortality rate caused by pathologies.

It is possible to use very deep nettings. In such a way fish can stay in deep waters while bad sea and weather conditions particularly shake the sea surface.

The huge volume of farming enable the fish to a more movement with a consequent increase of the appetite and a faster growth.

A greater mobility of fish, due to the larger room available, brings to animal a more compact muscle and, as a result, more lean meats.

At last, cages, enable to work on large scale, in unlimited room, excepting those permitted, so obtaining a very high production with a minimum energy consumption.

Badinotti Group supplies a wide range of Plastic (roto-moulded or welded) or Hot dip galvanized steel Brackets and can provide turn-key project for fish farming both in floating and submersible cages.

New farming siting and mooring calculation and design, along with mooring installation can be supplied upon request.

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