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It is very hard and ambitious to propose a new and really innovative project in the italian marine market mainly becouse of its ancient and well developed tradition in terms of shipyard and the technologies know-how. Sometime it is just this kind of challenge that succeds in improving the entrepreneurial capability and allows to translate it in a successful project, simply starting from basic technical fetures, rightly selected and integrated one each other, which provide high performance solutions and products.

BAMEQ Srl  is a Badinotti Group Company, an international Holding involved in Aquaculture and Fishery since more than 100 years. It will be able to improve the Group experience, with its technical and market skills regarding the specific nautic field and other related industrial high-tech ones, where it always needs to find new and effective solutions to upgrade the working production processes and their efficiency for the best competition.

BAMEQ Srl bases its know-how on the skills and the interdisciplinariety belonging to its own managing staff which came out from another company with high level experiences in the industrial field and particulary in the marine one, not working anymore. This staff has been able to develop and transfer, within few years, really advanced technical solutions from other industrial fields to the marine one, allowing to evaluate specific inquiries and to find and propose everytime, customized solutions too.